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What is shuleyangu?

Shuleyangu is an online resource aimed at providing quality education to all.

All you may need to have is an internet device to access the website, a pen, notebook or any other writting material.

Learning made easier

shuleyangu puts every effort to make content easy to understand. However, there is no warranty that all content is correct.

If you notice any error, please tell us about it and we will be glad to hear from you.

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Advice to all learners.

While studying, follow the sequence provided on the left menu. That way you will find it easy to understand and you will progress faster.

If you find yourself struggling, do not force it. Relax, take a walk and come back later. It is not wise to force it. Remember one step at a time and practice makes perfect.

Do not just read but write things down as well. Try out the exercises down below at the end of every page

Do not go for the complex concepts before you grasp the simple ones. There are those who love studying alone while there are those who love studying with a partner or in a group. Find what works best for you and set out to do it.

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